ZZWP self-operated temperature control valve

The self-operated temperature regulating valve automatically adjusts the valve opening according to the change of the temperature of the controlled medium, and automatically adjusts the temperature without external energy. It is suitable for various heat exchange occasions such as steam, hot water and hot oil. Widely used in heating and air conditioning, domestic hot water, petrochemical, electric power, electromechanical, textile, rubber, food and other industries.

working principle
The self-regulating valve uses the principle of liquid thermal expansion and liquid incompressibility to achieve automatic adjustment. The liquid expansion in the temperature sensor is uniform and its control is proportional. When the temperature of the controlled medium changes, the volume of the temperature sensitive liquid in the sensor expands or contracts. When the temperature of the controlled medium is higher than the set value, the temperature sensitive liquid expands, pushing the valve core to close the valve downward, reducing the flow rate of the heat medium; when the temperature of the controlled medium is lower than the set value, the temperature sensitive liquid shrinks, and the return spring pushes The spool is opened to increase the flow of the heat medium.

●Small size, light weight, easy installation, accurate and reliable long life
● Convenient setting, maintenance-free work, no expensive commissioning costs
● Passive operation (no power supply, gas source works normally)
●The inside of the valve body adopts the bellows balance component to overcome the high pressure difference and close
●The valve body seal adopts V-ring high-temperature seal assembly to prevent the possibility of over-tightening or leaking of the valve stem.
● Temperature sensing time: 120 seconds for the first action and 30 seconds for the next time; control accuracy: ± 2 °C.

Technical Parameters:
● Nominal pressure: PN 1 6
● Itinerary: DN40~DNl00:20mm DNl00~DNl50:40mm
●Leakage: 0...0.05Kvs
● Temperature setting range: +35-+110°C
●Medium temperature: +1-180 °C
●Flap characteristics: quick opening proportional adjustment
●Material: Body: Ductile iron, valve stem, valve, valve stem: stainless steel
Actuator, temperature sensor package: stainless steel, conduit: copper tube, balance element: 316L stainless steel
● Stem rod seal: combination special seal

Wire length: standard 3.5 meters, can be lengthened according to site requirements
PN25 cast steel valve body for special occasions, medium temperature: +1—350°C