EZ type control valve

EZ valves are used for throttling or switching control of various liquids and gases. The single-seat straight-through body is designed for quick and easy replacement of trim and column-oriented unbalanced spool. EZ valves are used in chemical or hydrocarbon processing applications, or where non-lubricating, viscous or otherwise difficult to handle liquids are required to be controlled over a wide range of pressure drops or temperatures. All standard seals for general applications use metal to metal. seal. For applications requiring tight shut-off, metal-to-PTFE seals are available.

Regulator purchase guide:
1, need to buy accessories, please provide the specific part number of the accessories, there will be a string of numbers on the metal parts, if it is sealed, please provide the valve nameplate
2, valve actuator purchase, as long as you see the valve marked on the type and size, then look at the belt without the hand wheel, if you can provide the nameplate serial number is better.
3, the locator selection, the same, can provide the best nameplate, Locator Fisher mainstream 3, DVC2000, DVC6200, 3582i.
4, new project selection, valve parameters: flow, temperature, medium, pre-valve pressure, post-valve pressure. Actuator: control form (electric, pneumatic), action form (air open or gas off), with or without handwheel. Separate actuator, valve thrust, stroke required
5, other accessories to choose, please provide brand, specific parameter requirements